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About the class

Students usually come at a specific time slot once a week. However, if a student needs more help, the student can arrange for additional lessons on any time slots that are available on that particular week.

Each lesson duration is 2 hours.

Completion and submission of homework is not required from students. However, students are encouraged to allocate their time to do practice questions to improve their performance.

Each class consists of four to six students. However lessons are still conducted even if there is only one student in the classroom.

Students may approach us for assistance regarding their personal or school homework. The teacher may be able to help students with their work depending on the classroom situation. Alternatively, students can also clarify questions through WhatsApp or Telegram.

Each student has a different pace of learning and the topics that they learn in school may also vary. Therefore a lecture-style class where all students learn the same topic at the same pace is not going to be suitable. At our centre, we adopt a more personalised approach. On a weekly basis, the teacher will go through a topic in the syllabus with students individually at their own pace. Notes and worksheet will also be provided to monitor their progress.
Yes, you can. Simply inform us at least 4 hours before the lesson and arrange another class on any available slot. Do take note that all the purchased lessons must be used by the end of the term.

About the fee

Payment is collected at the start of each term.  There are no deposits or registration fees. All transactions paid are not refundable.

We recommend all students to purchase the term package as it provides lessons at a more attractive price.

All lessons purchased in a term package must be used completely by the end of the term. If you cannot finish all the lessons, the remaining lessons must be cleared within the first 2 weeks of the subsequent term. Otherwise, all remaining lessons will be forfeited.

All lessons purchased are not transferable.
All lessons purchased must be used within the same term.

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